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Chrismas in Style

It’s that time of year again; fireworks night is over, and everyone is looking towards Christmas. After the non-event of Christmas last year, you may feel pressure to make this year’s gatherings extra special. This in turn may be making you feel a bit overwhelmed. Well fear not, you are in the right place. I am here to help you with some advice and tips on creating a standout festive table.

If you want your festive gathering to really stand out there are an array of options depending on your time and budget. If you are time poor but really want to create an incredible tablespace, here at Elsie-Rose Vintage we offer a full styling option for your party. We also do a dry hire option, where we deliver our beautiful crockery and props for your party and you just set up in your own time. If you are opting for the full DIY option, I have some décor styling tips that will really help add a little class to any festive party.

Creating a canvas.

A beautiful rustic wooden table or a marble table top are a perfect base for a festive meal, but if you are not blessed with such an attractive dining table then invest in a crisp white table cloth. This allows you to create something different to what you have at home normally. It also gives you a blank canvas to create your beautiful tablescape on.

Think about a colour theme.

How are you going to tie in all your elements? It is nice to have re-occurring colours in your tablescape. I personally love gold; it is a warm colour that really works well for Christmas. If you prefer silver that is also very festive but can be quite cold so would work well with some warm reds and burgundies, unless that Frozen Elsa vibe is what you are going for, in which case silver and white can be beautiful.


Candles add something special to any table. Ideally you want a variety of heights to add interest and drama. A break from the normal white candlesticks is also great for adding a pop of colour and a feel of quality. Tapered candlesticks are very on trend and add extra height. If you do not have any candle sticks, then opt for tea lights and if you do not feel comfortable with real candles at all, some simple fairy lights on the table can add extra interest.

Flowers & Foliage

This is an element that makes all the difference to any tablescape. These incredible flowers created by Kristina by give a knockout effect. If you can invest in the skills of a local florist, I would recommend it. If your budget will not stretch to this do not fear, there are still very simple things you can do to help create that quality feel. Any foliage you can get your hands on can help. It is great to create the feeling of bringing the outside in, much like you do with a traditional Christmas tree. Arrange a few lengths of foliage through the centre of your table to give it that relaxed vibe, avoid holly as it’s a bit sharp and may be more suited to a centre piece. Eucalyptus is very popular now and has a lovely inviting smell.

Sweet treats.

Ultimately the food will be the main event and Christmas is a time to splash out and have treats you may not have the rest of the year. Why not stand out and make a change to the regular mince pies and go for some beautiful macaroons or decorated biscuits? These are not only delicious but visually very pleasing and really add to the feeling of luxury. These amazingly vibrant macaroons by Sarah from are ideal for adding that extra pop of colour.

Extra details

If you want to add something extra, then name cards are a simple way to create a more formal feel. If you think of special events such as weddings, they always have place settings. Menu cards are also a lovely touch as they give the table setting a sense of occasion and the feeling of luxury. They also give your guests an insight into what they have instore. Here at Elsie-Rose Vintage we can design and print these extras for your event (whatever the size.) To give you an idea these cards were design by Jo from and they just add that quality feel to the place setting layout.

I hope this has given you the confidence to really go for it this year, if you are looking for help, please get in touch. Thank you for reading and if you have found it helpful, please give us a like. I wish you a very merry and classy festive season.

Our beautiful aspiration photos in this blog were taken by the very talented Donna from from a recent shoot we styled along with some fantastic local suppliers at the beautiful Bishop’s Stortford College @WeddingsBSC. Donna is a fantastic portrait photographer, her gift vouchers would be the perfect gift, so get hinting ladies!


Sweet Treats - Sarah -

Flowers - Kristina -

Crockery & Styling -

Event Stationary - Joanne -

Photography - Donna -

Venue - @weddingsBSC

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